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Spring package of resources for Years 1 - 6 teachers

Mathematics resources

bulletYear 6 Annotated unit plans for the Spring term
bulletYear 1 - 5 Annotated unit plans for the Spring term
bulletMathematical Challenges for Able Pupils/Problem Solving Materials
bulletTestBase materials to support test practice and preparation
bulletStand-alone lessons incorporating the use of the interactive whiteboard

DaffodilsThis package has been designed to support planning and teaching in the Spring term. You will find annotated planning, electronic resources, stand-alone lessons, materials to support specific targets and links to other resources to support the use of the interactive whiteboard to enhance teaching and learning.

New for Spring 2006
There are some additional materials to support other year groups 1 - 5 in the spring package this term.

Later in the term we will be posting a new set of materials that will look different in support of the work on the frameworks.

You can comment on the literacy and mathematics frameworks at www.standards.dfes.gov.uk/forums/ubbthreads.php?Cat=2
and download some consultation materials from

We would welcome your comments on this and our new materials later this term.

Spring package - literacyUsing your whiteboard throughout the teaching sequence for literacy

Spring package - mathematicsExploiting your interactive whiteboard in mathematics

Literacy resources

bulletAnnotated planning exemplification for the Spring term
bulletNon-fiction text types
bulletReading comprehension materials
bulletMaterials to support teaching and learning of key target statements for reading and writing

Literacy resources

bulletSc1 Scientific enquiry
bulletSc2 Life processes and living things
bulletSc3 Materials and their properties
bulletSc4 Physical processes

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