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Software and guidance: Interactive Teaching Programs

The Interactive Teaching Programs have been developed to support teaching in the daily mathematics lessons and literacy hour. Interactive Teaching Programs support the use of ICT as a whole class-teaching tool they will therefore be of most benefit to teachers who have an interactive whiteboard or a large screen monitor.

When using this technology the emphasis is on effective whole class strategies, including teacher modelling, exposition and demonstration, prompting, probing and promoting questioning, class discussions managed by the teacher, and bringing the class together to reinforce key points emerging from individual and group work. Using Interactive Teaching Programs in your lessons will enable you to:

  • Improve the quality of interactions between teacher and pupil
  • Improve teacher assessment through the promotion of effective questioning
  • Enhance the use of demonstration and modelling
  • Shift the focus from making resources to planning for teaching
  • Increase the pace of learning and raise expectations

Each Interactive Teaching Program contains an information icon. The information icon allows you to discover the functions within the program by moving the mouse over the items on screen. Each Interactive Teaching Program is accompanied by a tutorial which gives further guidance on how these ITPs can be manipulated. It offers some ideas on how they can be used to enhance teaching and learning in the daily mathematics lesson and literacy hour.

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PDF download Introductory guide to all ITPs [3.9Mb]

ITP iconArea 2.2
PDF iconArea guide
Word iconArea guide
ITP iconCalculating angles 0.8
PDF iconCalculating angles guide
Word iconCalculating angles guide
ITP iconCoordinates 1.1
PDF iconCoordinates guide
Word iconCoordinates guide
ITP iconCounting on and back 1.1
PDF iconCounting on and back guide
Word iconCounting on and back guide
ITP iconData handling 3.0
PDF iconData handling guide
Word iconData handling guide
ITP iconDecimal number line 0.5
PDF iconDecimal number line guide
Word iconDecimal number line guide
ITP iconDifference 1.2
PDF iconDifference guide
Word iconDifference guide
ITP iconDivision Grid 0.9
PDF iconDivision Grid guide
Word iconDivision Grid guide
ITP iconFixing points 1.0
PDF iconFixing points guide
Word iconFixing points guide
ITP iconFractions 1.1
PDF iconFractions guide
Word iconFractions guide
ITP iconGrouping 1.3
PDF iconGrouping guide
Word iconGrouping guide
ITP iconIsometric grid 1.6
PDF iconIsometric grid guide
Word iconIsometric grid guide
ITP iconLine graph 1.1
PDF iconLine graph guide
Word iconLine graph guide
ITP iconMeasuring cylinder 1.2
PDF iconMeasuring cylinder guide
Word iconMeasuring cylinder guide
ITP iconMeasuring scales 1.8
PDF iconMeasuring scales guide
Word iconMeasuring scales guide
ITP iconMoving digits 0.8
PDF iconMoving digits guide
Word iconMoving digits guide
ITP iconMultiplication facts 0.8
PDF iconMultiplication facts guide
Word iconMultiplication facts guide
ITP iconMultiplication grid 2.2
PDF iconMultiplication grid guide
Word iconMultiplication grid guide
ITP iconNumber dials 0.4
PDF iconNumber dials guide
Word iconNumber dials guide
ITP iconNumber facts 1.4
PDF iconNumber facts guide
Word iconNumber facts guide
ITP iconNumber grid 4.0
PDF iconNumber grid guide
Word iconNumber grid guide
ITP iconNumber line 1.6
PDF iconNumber line guide
Word iconNumber line guide
ITP iconNumber spinners 0.4
PDF iconNumber spinners guide
Word iconNumber spinners guide
ITP iconOrdering numbers 1.1
PDF iconOrdering numbers uide
Word iconOrdering numbers guide
ITP iconPlace value 1.1
PDF iconPlace value guide
Word iconPlace value guide
ITP iconPolygon 1.5
PDF iconPolygon guide
Word iconPolygon guide
ITP iconRemainders after division 0.6
PDF iconRemainders after division guide
Word iconRemainders after division guide
ITP iconRuler 1.2
PDF iconRuler guide
Word iconRuler guide
ITP iconSymmetry 2.2
PDF iconSymmetry guide
Word iconSymmetry guide
ITP iconTell the time 0.9
PDF iconTell the time guide
Word iconTell the time guide
ITP iconThermometer 1.7
PDF iconThermometer guide
Word iconThermometer guide
ITP iconTwenty cards 1.1
PDF iconTwenty cards guide
Word iconTwenty cards guide

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