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Software and guidance: Interactive Whiteboards

This section of the website provides basic technical instruction on using the Interactive Whiteboard Software provided with various boards. From creating, annotating and saving IWB files to adding hyper-links, importing images, sound and video. Guidance is currently available for:

  • Easiteach Files
  • Smartboard
  • Promethean

Guidance for other Interactive Whiteboards will be available shortly.

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easiteach iconGetting started with Easiteach
PDF iconGetting started with Easiteach
Word iconEasiteach tutorial advanced


Word iconTutorial 1
Word iconTutorial 2
Word iconTutorial 3
Word iconTutorial 4
Word iconTutorial 5
Word iconTutorial 6
Word iconAdding Hyperlinks to your ActivStudio Flipcharts
PC Version

Word iconAdding Hyperlinks to your ActivStudio Flipcharts
MAC version

Word iconWhat to do if the board does not recognise the pen


Word iconGetting started with SMART Video player
Word iconTutorial taks 1 - 4
Word iconTutorial taks 5 - 8
Word iconTutorial taks 9 - 11
Word iconTutorial taks 12 - 13

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