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Submitted resources ~ Science

bulletFoundation Stage

Key Stage 3 Making Mind Maps on Starboard
Imberhorne School, East Grinstead, West Sussex Subject: Science
Year: KS3
Learning Objectives
Pupils practice making mind maps, each based around a KS3 science topic from the National Curriculum.The maps can be used to revise a topic before a test or as an assessment tool.Pupils improve literacy skills by completing sentences across the maps.

Pupils are presented with the outline of a mind map on the board which they complete by dragging key words to their correct places. Once key words are in their correct places the map can be a starting point for more complex mapping.Teachers can modify the maps by adding images or more details.

Maps used in Y7 have a blue background, Y8 have a yellow background, and Y9 a green background.

Starboard downloadAids

Starboard downloadBody

Starboard downloadChemical changes

Starboard downloadEarth

Starboard downloadElectricity

Starboard downloadElectricity and magnetism

Starboard downloadElements mixtures and compounds

Starboard downloadEnergy

Starboard downloadForces

Starboard downloadHealth

Starboard downloadHeat transfer

Starboard downloadHeat transfer- particles

Starboard downloadLab matters

Starboard downloadLiving things

Starboard downloadLight and sound

Starboard downloadMaterials and forces

Starboard downloadOffspring

Starboard downloadOrganisms

Starboard downloadParticles

Starboard downloadPhotosynthesis and food chains

Starboard downloadPhysical changes

Starboard downloadSolar system

Starboard downloadStarch

Analysis of pupil performance 2005
Bracknell Forest LA
Subject: Science
Year: 6
Learning Objectives

  • These resources are designed by QCA to help teachers recognise pupil misconceptions and errors. The Easiteach versions give all the notes plus test question pages that can be worked through with a group or whole class

Easiteach versions of 2005 QCA test questions, accompanied by analysis notes from QCA
Easiteach downloadLife and living processes
Easiteach downloadMaterials and their properties
Easiteach downloadPhysical processes
Easiteach downloadScientific enquiry

Science QCA Units
Southwark LEA
A conversion of the Science QCA units created by Herefordshire LEA into Smartboard .nbk files. All files are zipped.

Smartboard download

3A Teeth and eating

Smartboard download

3B Helping plants grow well

Smartboard download

3C Characteristics of materials

Smartboard download

3D Rocks and soils

Smartboard download

3E Magnets and springs

Smartboard download

3F Light and shadows

Smartboard download

4A Moving and growing

Smartboard download

4C Keeping warm

Smartboard download

4D Solids, liquids and how they can be separated

Smartboard download

4E Friction

Smartboard download

4F Circuits and conductors

Smartboard download

5A Keeping healthy

Smartboard download

5B Lifestyles

Smartboard download

5C Gases around us

Smartboard download

5D Changing state

Smartboard download

5E Earth, sun and moon

Smartboard download

5F Changing sounds

Smartboard download

6A Interdependence and adaptation

Smartboard download

6C More about dissolving

Smartboard download

6E Forces in action

Smartboard download

6F How we see things

Smartboard download

6G Changing circuits

Smartboard download

Investigation sheet

Post-it Planners for Science Investigations
Blackpool LEA
Subject: Science
Year: 4 5 6
This resource supports children in planning for science investigations, thinking through how they will obtain the evidence, consider its importance and evaluate it before writing a scientific conclusion.

Promethean downloadPost it
Smartboard downloadPost it [zipped]
starboard downloadPost it

Earth and Beyond - Revision
Tameside LEA
Subject: Science
Year: 5 6
Learning Objectives

  • Range from Science unit 5e SATs revision to support many objectives for the Science

zip iconSATs Revision y6 Science – The Earth and Beyond
starboard downloadSATs Revision y6 Science – The Earth and Beyond
These files will support the revision of “Space” for year 6 SATs and also many objectives from unit 5e (Science)

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