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Leadership: Learning and teaching using ICT

Learning and teaching using ICT: Example Materials CDROMs

The Example Material CDROMs offer inspirational real-life examples of the positive impact of ICT on teaching and learning in primary classrooms.

All primary years and core subjects are covered, as well as the six areas of learning in the foundation stage. The examples show children, teachers, early years practitioners and teaching assistants using a wide range of equipment - laptops and stand-alone PCs, interactive whiteboards, digital photography, video, temperature sensors and many other resources.

Each Example Material CDROM is made up of four sections:

Video clips demonstrating how an individual teacher makes use of ICT to address a specific learning objective. Each clip is accompanied by the teacher's explanation of how they have incorporated ICT into their lesson.

Lesson outlines providing guidance and ideas on how ICT can be incorporated into lessons to deliver the learning objective.

Why use ICT? this section specifies the learning objectives of the lesson extract and aims to stimulate teachers to consider the wider pedagogical issues underlying the learning objective.

Resources information provides details of ICT products used in the extract and - for reasons of commercial sensitivity - also details other relevant software products that could be used to meet the same learning objective.

You can order your copy of the Example Material CDROMs by telephoning 0845 60 222 60, quoting reference DfES0315-2004G.

Children's use of ICT in learning activities during the literacy hour

This document aims to:

  • Exemplify what ICT adds to the learning and teaching of literacy
  • Offer examples of how children's ICT capabilities can be applied in the literacy hour
  • Have learning objectives related to Literacy
  • Considers children's ICT capability in each year group and the application of these capabilities to enhance learning in the literacy hour
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