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Leadership: Reception children's view on the IWB

Teacher and pupil

Joseph – They’re brilliant and special because There’s all sorts of things to do like games and things you have to do.

Shauna – I like to play games on our big whiteboard. We’ve got these special pens to use ourselves to click on it.

Kiera – Our whiteboard makes me feel happy because I can learn on it and do work like maths.

Arif – We used the Internet on our big board to find some bridges in the country and in the world and then we made some bridges from newspaper and big bricks.

Philippa – Our whiteboard helped us to see some bridges and we had our photographs taken. Then we could see them on the big board.

Mika – It’s big on the wall and we can all see the games and I like the big books on the board like Elmer and Jack and the Beanstalk and Kipper.

Summer – They’re good because they have lots to do like books and games and writing things and we can have a go with the special pens.

Phoenicia – I love our whiteboard because it’s big on the wall. We can see a number line and do some counting and put the things in the right place.

Shane – It’s by the laptop and we can see the same picture on it on the big board and we can do things to learn about lots of things.

Sukhveer – It helps us to go on the Internet to find out about things

Atiqah – We can do our writing on the big whiteboard and do our numbers.

Lili – We can move the pictures with our special pens and I like to do the CBB’s stories and choose my friend to do it.

Reception children’s thoughts about Interactive Whiteboards – Blue Coat C.E. (A) infant School Walsall

“ Our interactive whiteboards have definitely made a huge impact on our children. Learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum have been created and our board has become a vital part of daily life in our classroom. We look forward to switching it on every morning and the children and I are enjoying our learning journey together.”

Mrs. Anne Mooney – Reception Classteacher

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