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Mathematics: Year 1 • Year 2 ~ Stand-alone lessons

ICT can support the learning and teaching of mathematics throughout the daily mathematics lesson. In this section you will find examples of teaching and learning activities which exploit the potential of the interactive whiteboard and other forms of technology. Resources include:

  • Example lesson plans
  • Electronic resource files eg MS Word, Excel files
  • Electronic whiteboard files
  • Examples of planning adapted to incorporate the use of ICT

In all lessons including the use of interactive technology, emphasis should be placed upon:

  • Speaking and listening – ensuring that children discuss and explain their reasoning, justify their conclusions and have the opportunity to talk both with the teacher and other adults and with their peers
  • Problem solving skills and strategies – ensuring that these are modelled and that children have the opportunity to develop and consolidate them in their independent work

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Smartboard iconArrow cards (zipped)
Smartboard iconCaterpillar sequences (zipped)
Smartboard iconMoney matching (zipped)
Smartboard iconShapes (zipped)
Smartboard iconSolving problems - horses (zipped)
Smartboard iconSolving problems - Ice cream (zipped)
Smartboard iconTime (zipped)
Promethean iconWashing line
Smartboard iconWriting numbers (zipped)
Place value
Smartboard iconTens and ones (zipped)
Smartboard iconHundred, tens and units (zipped)
Interactive Teaching Program iconPlace value

Starboard files
starboard download15 buttons
starboard downloadArrow cards
starboard downloadCaterpillar sequences
starboard downloadMoney matching
starboard downloadShapes
starboard downloadSolving problems - horses
starboard downloadSolving problems - Ice cream [zipped]
starboard downloadTime [zipped]
starboard downloadWriting numbers
Place value
starboard downloadTens and ones [zipped]
starboard downloadHundred, tens and units [zipped]

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