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Mathematics: Year 5 • Year 6 ~ Stand-alone activities

spring package

Spring package

In this section of the NWN website there are stand-alone activities covering different learning objectives for mathematics. They have been provided in Interactive Whiteboard File format. Each stand-alone activity/lesson has been provided with explanatory notes on front cover of the IWB file. These explain the objectives, year group and intention behind the whiteboard file.

Many of these stand-alone resources are templates that can be adapted to meet different learning objectives, for example Venn diagrams, various number lines and frames that can be used creatively to reinforce number skills such as the Dartboard Files. Interactive Whiteboard Files can be amended to meet the specific needs of your class.



Promethean iconSorting Quadrilaterals

ActivPrimary version of the “Quad sort” Notebook

Promethean icon1-50

Oral mental starter using the “Dice Roll” tool in ActivPrimary

Notebook iconArea – compound shapes (zipped)

A range of slides looking at area

Notebook iconArea – Triangles and Parallelograms (zipped)

A range of slides looking at area

Notebook iconPerimeter and Area (zipped)

Some slides using visuals to support calculation of perimeter and area

Notebook iconCarroll diags shapes (zipped)

Simple sorting resource

Notebook iconData Handling tools (zipped)
Notebook iconPlace value tools (zipped)
Notebook iconSupporting tools for numbers and the number system (zipped)
Notebook iconProblem Solving tools (zipped)
Notebook iconShape and space tools (zipped)

Generic tools to support numeracy T&L

Notebook iconAddition bonds to 100 (zipped)

Games based activity to develop rapid recall of facts

Notebook iconProperties of quads (zipped)
Notebook iconQuad sort (zipped)

Games based activities to develop knowledge of properties of shapes

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