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Mathematics: Year 5 • Year 6 ~ Excel activities

spring package

Spring package

Excel is simply a sheet of cells, each cell addressed using letters and numbers, into which different kinds of information can be entered. Excel offers teachers the facility to create templates of cells which can be manipulated and changed to present various problems and explorations for children to solve and explore.

The versatility of the spreadsheet means that the activities can be quickly altered in order to set differentiated activities or tasks, for example the size of numbers used or number of options available can be changed. For example

  • Developing understanding of multiplication and division
  • Finding missing numbers which are hidden by shapes or symbols
  • Setting up templates which include formulae so that children can explore the effect that changing one number has on sequences and patterns in a variety of tables
  • Observing the effect which changing information has on graphical representation and drawing conclusions
  • Using random numbers to explore number patterns and puzzles

Used with well-directed questions the images and information presented can help children to see the internal structure of a problem and then use and apply this to solve other problems. Children can explain their ideas and reasoning and record these explanations within the workbook. They can then return to and improve or evaluate their explanations.

In this section you will find examples of Excel workbooks and teaching notes to explain the activities and teaching strategies used.

The zip files contain a word document and an Excel file.

The excel files are flexible resources that can be used in many mathematics lessons.

There is some short guidance in accompanying word documents. These documents explain how to use the excel files and give some suggested questions to be asked in lessons.

When you open the files, you must ensure you enable the macros. Your security settings on your macros must be set at medium security.

If you need to change your security, open an excel file, click on tools, scroll down to macros and follow the arrow, click security, select medium and click OK. The files will work in this mode.

Downloads panel

Excel iconShape puzzle
Excel iconZids and Zods
Excel icon4 number sentences
Excel iconAbacus for problem solving or place value
Excel iconRandom Numbers
Excel iconTarget Practice
Excel iconTotal 20

zip iconAddition and subtraction facts
zip iconAddition and subtraction families
zip iconAddition and subtraction trios
zip iconArray creator
zip iconComplements
zip iconCounting stick
zip iconDice
zip iconDominoes
zip iconDoubling and halving
zip iconEstimation
zip iconExpanded addition
zip iconFDP converter
zip iconFind the Multiples
zip iconMake my number
zip iconMake my total
zip iconMidway point
zip iconMultiplication grid
zip iconNumber Boards
zip iconNumber Grid Generator
zip iconPlace value – charts and partitioning tool
zip iconPlace Value Dots
zip iconSequences
zip iconSubtraction 4 digit 3 digit
zip iconSum, Product, Difference and Quotient

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