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Mathematics: Year 5 • Year 6 ~ Interactive Teaching Programs - activities

spring package

Spring package

The Interactive Teaching Programs have been developed to support teaching in the daily mathematics lesson.

Interactive Teaching Programs support the use of ICT as a whole class teaching tool. When using this technology the emphasis is on effective whole class strategies, including teacher modelling, exposition and demonstration, prompting, probing and promoting questioning, class discussions managed by the teacher, and bringing the class together to reinforce key points emerging from individual and group work. Many of the programs can also be used by children to investigate problems on stand-alone computers or in the computer suite.

Using Interactive Teaching Programs in your lessons will enable you to:

  • Improve the quality of interactions between teacher and pupil
  • Improve teacher assessment through the promotion of effective questioning
  • Enhance the use of demonstration and modelling
  • Shift the focus from making resources to planning for teaching
  • Increase the pace of learning and raise expectations

For a full list of available Interactive Teaching Programs and downloads please visit: Interactive teaching programs on the Primary National Strategy website

In this section you will find example activities using the Interactive Teaching Programs in Years 5 and 6. Each Interactive Teaching Program contains an information icon which allows you to discover the functions within the program by moving the mouse over the items on screen. Tutorials giving further guidance on how to use many of the Interactive Teaching Programs can be found in the Software and Guidance section of this site.

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