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Mathematics: Year 3 • Year 4

This section provides guidance on how ICT can be used effectively to support interactive whole class teaching during the daily mathematics lesson.

ICT can enhance mathematical modelling and improve the quality of interactions during whole class teaching. Using ICT enables the teacher to increase the pace of the lesson when appropriate and can help redress the balance in making resources and planning for teaching.

Interactive teaching programs have been developed by the National Numeracy Strategy to support the use of ICT as a whole class-teaching tool. When using this technology the emphasis is on effective whole class strategies, including teacher exposition and demonstration, prompting, probing and promoting questioning, class discussions managed by the teacher, and bringing the class together to reinforce key points emerging from individual and group work. Interactive Teaching Programs are in the Software and Guidance section of this website.

It is important to note that although ICT can be used effectively to support interactive whole class teaching it should only be used when it contributes to the specific

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