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Literacy: Year 1 • Year 2

This section contains resources and ideas to support the teaching of Literacy in the Later Foundation Stage and Key Stage One

ICT can assist the modeling of literacy processes, encourage interaction with text and help to focus the study of objectives at text, sentence and word level. It provides the teacher with alternative ways of sharing enlarged texts with the whole class and can help the teacher to model the skills of reading and writing more clearly. Using ICT allows for greater flexibility in the use of examples, extends the range of texts that can be used during the whole class session and enables the teacher to increase the pace of the lesson when appropriate.

It is important to note however that ICT should only be used when it contributes to the specific development of Literacy objectives. The use of ICT is not appropriate for all literacy teaching – real books, children’s multi-sensory manipulation of letters, and many other established ways of teaching remain of vital importance.

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