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Literacy: Year 1 • Year 2 ~ Developing early writing

The Developing Early Writing book produced by the National Literacy Strategy contains materials to help teachers and practitioners teach writing in the Reception year of the Foundation Stage and through Key Stage 1. It emphasises the importance of shared writing and teaching from the objectives in the National Literacy Strategy Framework for teaching and the QCA early learning goals.

The units in Developing Early Writing exemplify how to teach the writing objectives in the National Literacy Strategy Framework for teaching. They do not attempt to cover all the text level objectives as this would remove the choice of text from the teacher and restrict flexibility in the class timetable for the other curriculum areas in which writing occurs. In each year there is additional material to show how further sentence level objectives may be covered. Each unit opens by setting the context of what work has to be covered prior to the unit such as learning about a text type in shared reading and/or an activity in another curriculum area such as a visit, a construction or an experiment. Most teaching units contain several writing sessions. These usually open with ‘Talk for writing’ and move into one or more forms of shared writing.

This section contains MS Word and Electronic whiteboard files to support the teaching of text and sentence level objectives in your class.

In addition electronic whiteboard files can be annotated onscreen using the Interactive Whiteboard tools. These annotations can be saved and revisited for later use. To save the file: go to ‘file’ then ‘save as’ and name the file using a different name. This will save the file in addition the original file without annotations. Information on modifying electronic whiteboard files is available in the software and guidance section of this web site.

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