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Literacy: Year 5 • Year 6 ~ Stand-alone activities

spring package

Spring package

Stand-alone lessons have been provided in Interactive Whiteboard File format covering the different text, sentence and word level objectives.

Each stand-alone activity/lesson has been provided with explanatory notes on front cover. These explain the objectives, year group and intention behind the whiteboard file.

These Interactive Whiteboard Files can be amended to meet the specific needs of your class.



Notebook iconMouth Organ Boys (zipped)
starboard downloadMouth Organ Boys (zipped)

Plotting the story, looking at characterisation

Notebook iconHomophones (zipped)
starboard downloadHomophones (zipped)

Matching pairs of homophones – identifying them in the text

Zip iconWeather PowerPoint
starboard downloadWeather (zipped)

Folder. 2 Powerpoint templates and two examples showing weather forecasts. 1 Word document explaining how to create it.1 folder with various weather icons to use.

Promethean iconCut Up Poems

Creating a poem from prose – Philip Pullman “A Subtle Knife”

Notebook iconHomophones Review (zipped)
starboard downloadHomophones Review (zipped

Range of screens to compare common homophones

Notebook iconSentences to improve (zipped)
starboard downloadSentences to improve

Using King Arthur story to develop quality of sentences in storywriting

Notebook iconSingular and plural (zipped)
starboard downloadSingular and plural

A simple sorting resource for identifying patterns in forming the plural

Notebook iconStory planner (zipped)
starboard downloadStory planner

A planning resource, some is based on booster materials

Notebook iconPersuasive Writing (zipped)
starboard downloadPersuasive Writing (zipped)

As title suggests, based on some booster materials

Notebook iconSimiles to metaphors (zipped)
starboard downloadSimiles to metaphors

A simple resource showing how similes can be created then converted to metaphors

Notebook iconSettings (zipped)
starboard downloadSettings (zipped)

Photographic resource for exploring settings for starting stories

Notebook iconWeather map (zipped)
starboard downloadWeather map

Simple map of Britain with weather symbols to be used for speaking and listening activities or report writing

Zip iconAshes (zipped)
starboard downloadAshes (zipped)

Range of activities to supporting reading Out of the Ashes with WC.

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