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Literacy: Year 5 • Year 6 ~ Lesson plans

spring package

Spring package

Exemplar lesson plans have been provided covering the different genres of poetry, narrative, explanation, persuasive, recount, instructions, non-fiction. In addition to these lessons are exemplar lessons covering sentence level objectives.

All lessons use a range of multimedia including websites, interactive texts, video and sound clips. Resources that have been referred to in the lesson plans have been produced in Smartboard, Promethean and Easiteach files.


Year 6 Term 1 Shakespeare
Learning objectives

  • To develop the skills of biographical writing

Word iconLesson plan

Smartboard iconShakespeare (zipped)

Promethean iconShakespeare

Easiteach iconShakespeare

Word iconShakespeare biography

starboard downloadShakespeare



Year 6 Term 1 Newspaper
Learning objectives

  • To develop the skills of writing a newspaper article

Word iconLesson plan

Smartboard iconNewspaper (zipped)

Promethean iconNewspaper

Easiteach iconNewspaper

Narrative writing

Learning objectives

  • To develop characterisation when writing a story

Word iconLesson plan

Smartboard iconCharacterisation (zipped)

Promethean iconCharacterisation

Easiteach iconCharacterisation

starboard downloadCharacterisation





Year 5 Term 1 Instructions
Learning objectives

  • To revise and extend work on verbs focussing on imperative verbs;
  • To write instructional texts, and test them out e.g. instructions for loading computers, design briefs for technology, rules for games.

Word iconLesson plan

Smartboard iconInstructions (zipped)

Promethean iconInstructions

Easiteach iconInstructions

starboard downloadInstructions





Year 6 Term 2 Banning cars (Year 6 Exemplification texts)
Learning objectives

  • to write a balanced report of a controversial issue.

Word iconLesson plan

Smartboard iconArgument (zipped)

Promethean iconArgument

starboard downloadArgument

Word iconBanning cars

Smartboard iconBanning cars (zipped)

Promethean iconBanning cars

Easiteach iconBanning cars

starboard downloadBanning cars





Learning objectives

  • to teach the concept of person and apply it to authorial point of view in story writing

Word iconLesson plan

Smartboard iconPerson (zipped)

Promethean iconPerson

Easiteach iconPerson

Word iconPerson handout

Powerpoint iconPerson to person

starboard downloadPerson


Learning objectives

  • lesson sequence to teach imperatives in context

Word iconLesson plan

Smartboard iconImperatives (zipped)

Promethean iconImperatives

Easiteach iconImperatives

Powerpoint iconImperatives handout

Publisher iconChoco paste

starboard downloadImperatives (zipped)


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