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Literacy: Year 3 • Year 4 ~ Spelling

The National Literacy Strategy Spelling Bank contains lists of words and activities for the KS2 objectives.

In this section of the website examples of Electronic Whiteboard files are available to support the teaching of these word level objectives. They are for use in conjunction with the National Literacy spelling bank.

Year 2 and Year 3 spelling programme
This document published by the Primary National Strategy in December 2003 seeks to fill the gap in provision for spelling in Year 2 caused by the acceleration of work in spelling for children in Foundation Stage and Year 1 and to provide continuity between Key Stages One and Two.

In this section of the website examples of electronic whiteboard files are available to support the teaching of these word level objectives.

In addition electronic whiteboard files can be annotated onscreen using the Interactive Whiteboard tools. These annotations can be saved and revisited for later use. To save the file: go to ‘file’ then ‘save as’ and name the file using a different name. This will save the file in addition the original file without annotations. Information on modifying electronic whiteboard files is available in the software and guidance section of this website.

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