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Literacy: Year 3 • Year 4 ~ Stand-alone lessons

Stand-alone lessons have been provided in Interactive Whiteboard File format covering the different text, sentence and word level objectives.

Each stand-alone activity/lesson has been provided with explanatory notes on front cover. These explain the objectives, year group and intention behind the whiteboard file.
These Interactive Whiteboard Files can be amended to meet the specific needs of your class.

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Notebook iconParts of a dictionary (zipped)
Notebook iconPlot a sequence (zipped)
Notebook iconStory elements (zipped)

starboard downloadParts of a dictionary
starboard downloadPlot a sequence(zipped)
starboard downloadStory elements (zipped)

Powerpoint iconNarrative setting
Powerpoint iconStory setting

Promethean iconCat poetry
Promethean iconNon chronological reports
Promethean iconScenes
Promethean iconSnow Lambs

Word iconThree little pigs - statements

blue line