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LEA, HEI and CLC websites

Canterbury Christ Church University
client ICT research, development and publications unit

client ICT research, development and publications unit, Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent

The client ICT website contains a wide range of Case Studies, Snapshots of Practice as well as research papers into the effective use of ICT in Education. IWB research papers and Case Studies can also be found here.

SMART Education

SMART Education
Interactive Whiteboard Resources plus teacher support materials from Canterbury Christ Church University, Kent.
The SMART Education website has been created by staff from the Faculty of Education at Canterbury Christ Church University College. The website has been designed to support the needs of teachers, pupils, students, lecturers and everyone involved in education generally

SMART Board Training and Support - Certificated Course

SMART Board Training and Support - Certificated Course
Canterbury Christ Church University has a SMART Board 'Training & Support Programmes of Study and Recognition Scheme' enabling SMART Board users to be awarded Module Certifcates for their achievements.

London CLCs
London CLCs

South Camden City Learning Centre website hosts information about IWB training and support for every CLC in London

Haringey LEA
Haringey LEA

Haringey lesson share ...an online exchange for e-teaching resources contributed by Haringey teachers

Southwark LEA – Sam Linton’s site
Sam Linton,s site

Sam’s site supports the whiteboard expansion project in Southwark. It contains many useful resources, links, advice and FAQs.

Plymouth Grid for Learning
Plymouth grid for learning

Plymouth Faiths contains video, 3d panoramas and artefacts from some of the main faiths prevalent in the city today.

Plymouth; then and now has a series of images from the past that can be faded into the same scenes taken recently.

Egypt has scans and 3dimages of the Egyptian artefacts currently stored in the vaults of Plymouth Museum from canonicals to mummified cats!

Plymouth in the Blitz has a wealth of 3d artefacts, stills and scanned original documents from WWII. Print off identity papers and ration books for the children to use.

Ealing LEA
Ealing LEA

Ealing’s site contains a wide range of materials including teaching and planning resources, presentation tips, links to research and images and sounds.

West Berkshire LEA
West Berkshire LEA

Useful links, resources and an insight into the use of ICT in this small unitary authority.

South Gloucestershire LEA
South Gloucestershire council

Many useful resources – look at the curriculum areas such as literacy and mathematics as well as ICT

Kingston-upon-Thames LEA

A collection of useful resources, many of which are produced by the teachers of Kingston and Merton LEAs

North East Lincolnshire LEA – The Lighthouse for Education
North East Lincolnshire LEA - The Lighthouse for Education

The Lighthouse for Education is the Education Web Site for North East Lincolnshire. The aims of this site are to provide information about the Internet, original education material, links to good educational sites and to celebrate success in education. The site also hosts a large array of whiteboard resources for Promethean boards, which are being continually added to.


This is the Mathematics Activities and Resources section of the Lancashire Grid for Learning web site. Here you will find activities for pupils of all ages, resources and links for teachers, and contributions from Lancashire schools.

East Riding
East Riding

Digital learning for the East Riding of Yorkshire and beyond. eRiding is the LEA’s education portal offering resources and information on all aspects of the curriculum, including support to parents, governors, adult learners and opportunities to submit and share resources with other teachers and learners. All phases catered for.

Barking & Dagenham LEA
Barking and Dagenham LEA

The Accelerating Change website provides information on how the ICT Test Bed project is impacting on 10 educational institutions. Images and text enable colleagues to practically see how a range of technology is being used across the 5 project themes.

Northumberland LEA Teaching and Learning Website
Northumberland LEA Teaching and Learning Website

Aimed for teachers and pupils the site contains a wealth of resources created by the ICT team, advisory teachers within the LEA & teachers from schools in Northumberland. There are links to CPD courses and websites to support teachers. The home page has a carefully selected site of the week link updated every week in term time.

Oxfordshire County Council
Oxfordshire County Council

The ICT in Oxfordshire website offers a diverse and extensive range of ICT resources including those for the IWB. The IWB resources are organised into year groups to make it more accessible for teachers.

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