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ICT across the curriculum: Geography

teacher looking at a map

This section provides guidance on how ICT can be used effectively to support interactive whole class teaching during Geography lessons.

ICT can give access to images of people, places and environments, aid geographical enquiry and improve the quality of interactions and extend the range of resources that can be used during whole class teaching. ICT enables the teacher to increase the pace of the lesson when appropriate and can help redress the balance in making resources and planning for teaching.

It is important to note however that ICT should only be used when it contributes to the interactive teaching of geography. The use of ICT is not appropriate for all geography teaching – geographical enquiry outside the classroom, collecting and recording evidence and many other established ways of teaching remain of vital importance. ICT can provide a medium through which children can present, review and evaluate the enquiry which has taken place outside the classroom

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Promethean files
Promethean iconUnit 7 Weather around the world
Promethean iconUnit 8 Improving the environment
Promethean iconUnit 9 Village settlers
Promethean iconUnit 10 A village in India
Promethean iconUnit 11 Water
Promethean iconUnit 14 Rivers
Promethean iconUnit 15 Mountain environment

PowerPoint files
Powerpoint iconUnit 7 Weather around the world
Powerpoint iconUnit 8 Improving the environment
Powerpoint iconUnit 9 Village settlers
Powerpoint iconUnit 11 Water
Powerpoint iconUnit 15 Mountain environment

Starboard files [zipped]
Starboard download Unit 7 Weather around the world
Starboard download Unit 8 Improving the environment
Starboard download Unit 9 Village settlers
Starboard download Unit 11 Water
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