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Teacher and pupil

notebook icon Notebook .xbk files
You cannot open the latest Smartboard Notebook files directly from your browser. You must save them to your hard disc first.

Because of the restrictions enforced by Windows XP SP2 (see main panel) we have replaced all .xbk files with zipped versions.

Downloading files
There are a number of types of files which you can download from this Website. If your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) is a recent version, and you have the correct software installed, than you may be able to open a file directly. However, it is better practice to copy the files to your hard disc before opening them.

Copying a file to your hard disc
Windows-based computers - move the mouse pointer over the file and hold down the right mouse button (right-click) then opt to 'save target as...'.

Apple Mac OS -based computers - move the mouse pointer over the file and hold down the mouse button. Your options then depend on your download settings in your browser.

exclamation markWindows XP Service Pack 2
Users who have upgraded Windows XP with Service Pack 2 have reported problems donwloading and running Promethean Active Studio files. The file is downloaded as a zip file and cannot be opened in Active Studio. This is due to a security feature in Windows XP SP2 which renames files when it does not recognise the file type. In this case it renames a .flp file as a .zip file.

You can get around this by adding .flp to the file name and changing 'Save as type:' to 'All files' BEFORE it is downloaded (see below).

downloading a .flp file

File types

Easiteach icon Easiteach
Textease icon Textease
Notebook icon Smartboard Notebook
Promethean icon Promethean
ITP icon Interactive teaching program
PDF icon Adobe PDF - get Acrobat reader

Excel icon MS Excel
Powerpoint icon MS PowerPoint
Publisher icon MS Publisher
Word icon MS Word
Zip icon Zipped file - get WinZip

Accessing whiteboard software
Software to run your whiteboard is generally provided free. Software updates and other resources may be downloaded from the relevant Website.

Hitachi Starboard software files are provided in a format for use with version 6.xx software. A free upgrade to version 6 can be obtained by e-mailing a request to sales@hitachi-software.co.uk.

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