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Literacy Year 6

Literacy resources

bulletLiteracy Year 1
bulletLiteracy Year 2
bulletLiteracy Year 3
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bulletLiteracy Year 6

bulletNon-fiction text types

Exemplification unit - Narrative writing
Exemplification unit - Reports
Grammar for Writing
Unit 44
Unit 45
Unit 47
Stop Press


Narrative writing
zip iconAccompanying documents Smartboard version
zip iconAccompanying documents Starboard version
zip iconWeek 1 Smartboard version
zip iconWeek 1 Starboard version
zip iconWeek 2 Smartboard version
zip iconWeek 2 Starboard version
zip iconWeek 3 Smartboard version
zip iconWeek 3 Starboard version

zip iconNotes, Day 1 and 6 Promethean version
zip iconNotes, Day 1 and 6 Smartboard version
zip iconNotes, Day 1 and 6 Starboard version
zip iconReports Promethean version
zip iconReports Smartboard version
zip iconReports Starboard version
Grammar for Writing
zip iconUnit 44 Promethean version
zip iconUnit 44 Smartboard version
zip iconUnit 44 Starboard version
zip iconUnit 45 Promethean version
zip iconUnit 45 Smartboard version
zip iconUnit 45 Starboard version
zip iconUnit 47 Promethean version
zip iconUnit 47 Smartboard version
zip iconUnit 47 Starboard version

Stop Press
zip iconPromethean version
zip iconSmartboard version
zip iconStarboard version

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